Acro Classes

Acro dance classes, also known as acrobatic dance or acro arts, combine elements of classical dance techniques with acrobatic movements and partner work. These classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination through a combination of dance choreography and acrobatic elements such as tumbling, partnering, and human pyramids.  In an acro dance class, participants can expect to learn a variety of skills, including various acrobatic skills, such as handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, and other tumbling passes; partner work, dance techniques, and conditioning (Strength training and flexibility exercises.)

Acro 1

This introductory acro dance class for students 8 and up covers the fundamentals for beginners. Students will develop flexibility, strength, and balance through stretching, conditioning, and basic skills like cartwheels, bridges, forward/backward rolls, and working towards splits. Proper body positioning and safety techniques will be emphasized as the foundation for more advanced acro skills.

Acro 2

Building on the basics, this intermediate acrobatics class for students 9 and up with at least one year of previous acro class introduces more challenging skills such as handstands, walkovers, limbers, and chest rolls. Students will improve their flexibility, balance, and body control through conditioning drills and progressive skill training. Emphasis is placed on mastering proper form and technique for connected acro sequences.

Acro 3

For students 11 and up with several years of previous experience who have already mastered basic and intermediate skills, this class focuses on complex skills like aerials, handsprings, twisting, and dynamic combinations. Higher-level flexibility, strength, and power will be developed through intense conditioning. Partnering work, creation of technical acro routines, and safe progression of more difficult skills will be key components.

Acro/Hip Hop

Step into the dynamic world of Acro/Hip Hop, a high energy combo class for ages 9 and up that blends the athleticism of acrobatics with the high-energy moves of hip hop! In this exciting class, students learn basic acro skills alongside fun hip hop dance. Students develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and style!