2024-25 Ballet Classes

Virginia National Ballet provides outstanding classical ballet instruction in the Russian Vaganova style. While the fundamental principles of classical ballet are shared across different syllabi, the Vaganova method is known for its distinct aesthetic, emphasis on precise anatomical positioning, and systematic progression. It has produced many renowned dancers around the world.  Please read the class descriptions below and feel free to register for a class.  If you are unsure of placement, please contact us HERE!  The suggested ages in the class descriptions are flexible – students are placed by ability more than age.  Read the descriptions below, and register HERE!

Ballet 1

Welcome to Ballet 1, the first formal step in your child’s ballet journey, designed for aspiring young dancers ages 6-9. In this structured class, students begin to master the fundamental techniques of classical ballet. Our experienced instructors provide detailed instruction on proper alignment, posture, and basic ballet vocabulary, while emphasizing discipline and focus. Through a progressive curriculum, children develop strength, flexibility, and musicality, setting a solid foundation for future ballet training. Join us in Ballet 1 and watch your child flourish with confidence and grace as they embark on their exciting ballet adventure!  Minimum once weekly, twice is recommended.


Ballet 2

Step up to Ballet 2, tailored for 8-10 year olds ready to build on the foundations laid in Ballet 1. Ballet 2 dancers meet twice weekly. This class introduces more challenging concepts and techniques, fostering growth in strength, flexibility, and precision. Our skilled instructors guide students through ballet movements and combinations, emphasizing correct form and execution. With a focus on developing artistry and musicality, your child’s passion for ballet will deepen as they rise to new challenges and continue their graceful journey in the world of dance.

Ballet 3-4

Welcome to Ballet 3-4, a dedicated program for 9-11 year olds ready to elevate their ballet training. Meeting a minimum of three times weekly, this class offers outstanding instruction to continue building upon basics, and to refine technique and introduce more advanced ballet elements. Our expert instructors provide detailed guidance on movements, enhancing strength, flexibility, and artistry. Join us in Ballet 3-4, where commitment and passion come together to create graceful, accomplished dancers ready for the next stage in their ballet journey. Taking additional classes such as contemporary, jazz, etc., is highly recommended.

Ballet 5-6

Step into Ballet 5-6, for 10-14 year olds who are eager to receive great training and improve as ballerinas. Meeting four times weekly, this class challenges students with a higher level of technique and more complex combinations. Our experienced instructors focus on perfecting form, enhancing flexibility, strength, turns and jumps, and developing strong artistic expression. Additionally, students are required to take contemporary dance classes, broadening their skills and versatility as dancers. Join us in Ballet 5-6, where commitment and passion meet discipline and artistry, preparing young dancers for the highest levels of ballet performance. Pre-pointework will be introduced during the year when students are ready.

Ballet 7

Welcome to Ballet 7, designed for serious students ages 13-16.  Meeting a minimum of four times weekly (five is recommended), this intensive class focuses on technique, and includes pointe work, complex combinations, turns, and jumps. Our expert instructors provide rigorous training to refine precision, strength, and artistry. Students are required to take contemporary dance classes and are encouraged to enroll in jazz, variations, acro, and other complementary disciplines. Join us in Ballet 7 and take your training to the next level with dedication and passion.  We also recommend taking Character and Variations at this level.

Ballet 7 Variations

This class is for Ballet 7 students who have strong technique both on and off pointe and who can pick up on choreography easily, to learn famous variations (solos) from the classical ballet repertoire (Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, Paquita, La Bayadere and more.) Recital participation is not guaranteed and is dependent on good attendance as well as the ability to perform the variation at an acceptable level.

Ballet 7 Character

Character class is right after Ballet 7 class on Mondays and is intended for Ballet 7 students. Character dances bring folklore and national styles to life through intricate footwork, expressive arms, and vibrant personalities. Students will learn iconic character styles like Russian, Spanish, and Hungarian, mastering the intricate rhythm and theatrical flair. Develop your acting abilities as you embody different styles and portray their unique mannerisms through movement. Enhance your artistry and add engaging character nuances to your classical ballet repertoire.

Ballet 8

Step into Ballet 8, the highest level of preprofessional ballet training for dedicated dancers ages 14-18. Meeting six times weekly, this level emphasizes advanced pointe work, intricate combinations, and challenging turns and jumps. Our experienced instructors provide comprehensive training to perfect technique, enhance performance quality, and develop exceptional artistry. Students are required to participate in contemporary dance and are encouraged to broaden their skills with variations, pas de deux, jazz, acro, and more. Join us in Ballet 8, where your commitment and hard work will give you a great foundation for college dance programs or professional company Trainee programs.

Ballet 8 Variations

This class is for advanced ballet students who have strong technique both on and off pointe and who can pick up on choreography easily, to learn famous variations (solos) from the classical ballet repertoire (Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, Paquita, La Bayadere and more.) Recital participation is not guaranteed and is dependent on good attendance as well as the ability to perform the variation at an acceptable level.

Pas de deux

Open to Ballet 8 students.  Explore the partnership of classical ballet in this pas de deux class. Dancers will learn the intricate artistry of coupled choreography, developing skills in timing, strength, and spatial awareness. Work on mastering lifts, promenades, and synchronized turns with a partner. Emphasis is placed on stylized theatrical expression to bring the narrative of iconic pas de deux to life on stage. Refine your technique while gaining a deeper appreciation for this hallmark of the ballet repertoire.  This class has not had recital participation in the past but we plan to add to the recital in 2025.

Junior Company

Junior Company students will take the Saturday Professional Company Class. This is by invitation only. Ballet 8 students will have their own dedicated class on Saturdays.

Teen Beginner Ballet

This class introduces the fundamentals of classical ballet technique to teenagers aged 13-17 with little or no prior dance experience. Students will learn proper body alignment, basic barre work, and center floor exercises. The class focuses on developing strength, flexibility, coordination, and an understanding of ballet terminology and etiquette. Appropriate for those looking to explore ballet for the first time or establish a solid foundation for further study, for the recreational teen dancer who only wants class once weekly without the commitment of a full pre-professional schedule.

Adult Ballet

This class is designed for adults looking to learn or continue their study of classical ballet. Students will focus on proper body alignment, barre work, and center floor exercises at a level appropriate for beginners or those revisiting ballet. The class aims to improve core strength, flexibility, coordination, and musicality while introducing or reviewing basic ballet vocabulary and techniques. No prior dance experience is required, making it an ideal way for adults to explore ballet in a supportive environment. Emphasis is placed on building a strong technical foundation at a reasonable pace.