Classes for 7-12 year olds

This page shows classes for 7-12 year olds in jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, contemporary, lyrical, and musical theatre.  Click on a class to register, and then you can also choose other classes in the registration form.

For BALLET classes, click HERE to see offerings for ballet students ages 7 and up!

Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acro, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre

BALLET/TAP: Introducing Ballet/Tap, a combination class designed for 7-9 year olds eager to learn the basics of both ballet and tap! In this engaging class, young dancers explore the grace and discipline of ballet alongside the rhythm and excitement of tap. Our skilled instructors guide students through foundational techniques of each style, fostering coordination, musicality, and confidence. Through fun exercises and creative routines, children experience the joy of both dance forms in a supportive and lively environment. Join us for Ballet/Tap, where your child can discover the beauty of ballet and the energy of tap all in one delightful class!

BEGINNER TAP:  Discover your inner Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers for dancers 7 and up!  Ready to make some noise? Join our Beginner Tap class and let your feet do the talking! This high-energy class is perfect for young dancers who want to explore the rhythmic and exciting world of tap dancing.  You’ll learn basic tap technique, from the crisp sounds of toe taps and shuffles to the rhythmic delight of time steps and flaps. As you master the fundamentals, you’ll also work on coordination, musicality, and finding the beats within your favorite tunes. Tap is also a way to express yourself and have fun! Our enthusiastic instructors will guide you through lively routines, combining steps into fun combinations that will have your toes tapping from start to finish.

JAZZ/TAP:  This high-energy class is perfect for young dancers who want to explore the exciting worlds of jazz and tap dance. Designed for kids aged 7 and up, this class combines the rhythmic footwork of tap with the energetic and expressive movements of jazz dance.

BEGINNER JAZZ:  Get funky and have a blast learning the basics of jazz dance! This high-energy class introduces children (ages 7+) to jazz fundamentals like isolations, jazz walks, and funky moves. No experience required – just bring your rhythm and excitement to learn cool steps and short sassy combinations. Leave class with happier feet and a smile!

JAZZY HIP HOP:  Welcome to Jazzy Hip Hop, an exhilarating class for 7-10 year olds that combines the flair of jazz with the energy of hip hop! This introductory course invites young dancers to explore both styles while moving to upbeat, fun music. Our dynamic instructors create a spirited atmosphere where kids can freely express themselves and enjoy the art of dance. Through a mix of exciting routines and creative choreography, students enhance their coordination, rhythm, and personal style. Join us for Jazzy Hip Hop and watch your child embrace the thrill of dance in a fresh and playful way

JAZZ /CONTEMPORARY:  The perfect class for dancers aged 8-12 looking to try jazz and contemporary styles! In this fun fusion class, you’ll get a taste of both jazz and contemporary dance. Learn the basics like jazz walks, isolations, and funky moves. Then get creative exploring contemporary concepts like improvisation, floor work, and expressive movement. With a mix of upbeat jazz rhythms and melodic contemporary choreography, you’ll build confidence, flexibility, and a diverse set of skills. Bring your energy and excitement to move!

LYRICAL:  Unlock your graceful, emotive movements in this flowing lyrical class FOR 8-12 year olds. Begin exploring the fundamentals of lyrical technique as you interpret music through expressive arms, dynamic movements, and beautiful lines. Develop artistry while building strength and flexibility. For dancers ages 8+ with little to no lyrical experience. Discover your poetic dance voice. 

MUSICAL THEATRE KIDS:  In this dynamic class for 7-11 year olds, students will dive into the world of musical theatre, exploring various aspects of this captivating art form. Through a combination of jazz dance techniques, acting exercises, vocal training, and prop/costume creation, participants will develop the essential skills required for a well-rounded musical theatre performance. The class will culminate in a performance at the annual spring recital, where students will showcase their talents in a staged musical scene. Whether you’re a budding triple threat or simply seeking a fun and engaging artistic outlet, the Musical Theatre class promises an unforgettable journey into the world of song, dance, and drama.

ACRO 1:  This introductory acro dance class for students 8 and up covers the fundamentals for beginners. Students will develop flexibility, strength, and balance through stretching, conditioning, and basic skills like cartwheels, bridges, forward/backward rolls, and working towards splits. Proper body positioning and safety techniques will be emphasized as the foundation for more advanced acro skills.

ACRO 2:  Building on the basics, this intermediate acrobatics class for students 9 and up with at least one year of previous acro class introduces more challenging skills such as handstands, walkovers, limbers, and chest rolls. Students will improve their flexibility, balance, and body control through conditioning drills and progressive skill training. Emphasis is placed on mastering proper form and technique for connected acro sequences.

ACRO/HIP HOP:  Step into the dynamic world of Acro/Hip Hop, a high energy class for ages 9 and up that blends the athleticism of acrobatics with the high-energy moves of hip hop! In this exciting class, students learn basic acro skills alongside fun hip hop dance. Students develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and style!