Tap Classes 2024-25

Broadway Babies

Introducing Broadway Babies, a delightful dance class for 3-5 year olds that combines the magic of ballet, jazz, and tap! Your little ones will have a blast learning basic dance steps to the tunes of famous Broadway hits. Our enthusiastic instructors create a fun and supportive environment where children can explore different dance styles, develop coordination, rhythm, and confidence. Each class is filled with joyful movement, lively music, and plenty of giggles. Join us for Broadway Babies, where the spotlight shines on your child’s creativity and love for dance!

Beginner Tap

Discover your inner Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers!  Ready to make some noise? Join our Beginner Tap class and let your feet do the talking! This high-energy class is perfect for young dancers who want to explore the rhythmic and exciting world of tap dancing.  You’ll learn basic tap technique, from the crisp sounds of toe taps and shuffles to the rhythmic delight of time steps and flaps. As you master the fundamentals, you’ll also work on coordination, musicality, and finding the beats within your favorite tunes.  

Tap 6-7-8

Get ready to make some serious noise! This high-energy tap class is a rhythm-maker’s dream for dancers ages 12-18. If you’ve got at least one year of tapping under your belt, you’ll love leveling up your skills. We’ll break it down with awesome steps like pull backs, wings, and single/double pullback maxies. Tap 6-7-8 will challenge you with fast-paced combos and intricate rhythms set to bumpin’ beats. Get ready to have a blast while building speed, clarity, and musicality. Tap until you drop!


This high-energy class is perfect for young dancers who want to explore the exciting worlds of jazz and tap dance. Designed for kids aged 7 and up, this class combines the rhythmic footwork of tap with the energetic and expressive movements of jazz dance.