Classes for 2-7 year olds

2-3 year olds

CREATIVE MOVEMENT:  Discover the magic of dance with our Creative Movement class for toddlers! This enchanting program is designed to inspire young children to express themselves through movement and music. Our experienced instructors guide little ones through a delightful journey of imaginative play, rhythm, and basic dance steps, fostering a love for dance while developing coordination, balance, and social skills. Join us for a joyful, nurturing experience where your toddler can explore the wonders of dance in a fun and supportive environment. Watch as they leap, twirl, and giggle their way through each magical class!

3-5 year olds

MINI BALLET:  Step into the enchanting world of Mini Ballet, designed especially for 3-4 year olds! In this delightful class, your child will take their first steps into the beautiful art of ballet. Our loving and experienced instructors introduce basic ballet positions and movements, blending structured learning with the joy of imaginative play. Through playful exercises, music, and storytelling, children develop grace, coordination, and discipline while having a fantastic time. Join us and watch your little one twirl, leap, and dance with confidence in a magical, nurturing environment. Let the ballet adventure begin!

BROADWAY BABIES:  Introducing Broadway Babies, a delightful dance class for 3-5 year olds that combines the magic of ballet, jazz, and tap! Your little ones will have a blast learning basic dance steps to the tunes of famous Broadway hits. Our enthusiastic instructors create a fun and supportive environment where children can explore different dance styles, develop coordination, rhythm, and confidence. Each class is filled with joyful movement, lively music, and plenty of giggles. Join us for Broadway Babies, where the spotlight shines on your child’s creativity and love for dance!

4-7 Year Olds

PRE BALLET:  Welcome to Pre Ballet, an introductory ballet class for 4-6 year olds! In this vibrant and engaging class, young dancers build on their ballet foundations with more structured lessons and an emphasis on technique. Our passionate instructors guide children through basic ballet positions, steps, and combinations, while still incorporating fun and imaginative elements to keep the joy of dance alive. As they grow in skill and confidence, students also learn about musicality and performance. Join us in this enchanting journey where your child will flourish, learning the beauty and discipline of ballet in a nurturing and inspiring environment.
BALLET/TAP:  Introducing Ballet/Tap, a combination class designed for 6-8 year olds eager to learn the basics of both ballet and tap! In this engaging class, young dancers explore the grace and discipline of ballet alongside the rhythm and excitement of tap. Our skilled instructors guide students through foundational techniques of each style, fostering coordination, musicality, and confidence. Through fun exercises and creative routines, children experience the joy of both dance forms in a supportive and lively environment. Join us for Ballet/Tap, where your child can discover the beauty of ballet and the energy of tap all in one delightful class!
PRIMARY BALLET:  Introduce your child to the delightful world of Primary Ballet, designed for 5-7 year olds! This class offers a perfect blend of structured ballet training and the joyful expression of dance. Our dedicated instructors focus on teaching basic ballet techniques, positions, and combinations, while nurturing each child’s creativity and love for movement. Through engaging exercises and beautiful music, young dancers improve their strength, flexibility, and poise. In a supportive and inspiring environment, children gain confidence and grace as they prepare for more advanced ballet levels. Join us and watch your child’s passion for ballet blossom!